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Why is it important to perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner?

Every homeowner knows the importance of keeping their home comfortable, especially during the colder or warmer months. Most people rely on air conditioning systems during these periods to maintain that comfort. However, just as air conditioners help us feel comfortable in our homes, we, in turn, need to take the necessary care of them. Annual maintenance is a mandatory step to care for your air conditioning system properly.

Benefits of annual air conditioning system maintenance by a certified technician
Annual maintenance is not only very beneficial for your appliance. After having it done, you'll be aware of what condition your air conditioner is in if it needs repairs, and how long you could count on it to serve you. Protect your system from costly repairs that most often happen due to neglecting small issues.

If you feel your air conditioning or ventilation system needs a service contact us now to arrange your visit.

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Recent projects

Sytner BMW & Mini - HVAC Maintenance

A long-term maintenance relationship with the countries biggest BMW/MINI dealership. We visit the site regular to ensure that all the Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems are kept in tip top condition providing the 5 acre site with accurate temperature control year round.

Blue Whale Spa

As part of our commitment to ensuring that the equipment we install continues to perform as well as the day we installed it, we have returned to site to carry out out a 6 monthly maintenance checks, this time in Edinburgh at the Blue Whale Spa showroom. 

Prezzo - Air conditioning maintenance

A recently acquired project to maintain the Prezzo flagship restaurant and head office in Islington Square, that has had Daikin VRV W+ Loop technology installed.

Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind - HVAC Maintenance

A long standing customer, with a Daikin VRV III system supplying 26 indoor cassettes of various sizes we visit this customer regular to ensure the system is always working as well as the day it was installed a decade ago.